CAT Tools and TMs: tailored translations for clients with hi-tech solutions!

Anna is the head of marketing at a company in the automotive industry.
For the launch of a new petrol car in the European market, she needs to have a brochure translated from Italian into Spanish, so she contacts a translation agency.
After a few months, Anna’s colleague Gianni asks the agency to translate the brochure for the diesel model of the same car, once again from Italian into Spanish.

How can the agency ensure that it provides Anna and Gianni with high-quality work as quickly as possible, while also cutting translation and page layout costs? The secret lies in key systems that no professional translator should be without: CAT Tools.

What are CAT Tools? 

The first thing that you need to know is the meaning of the acronym CAT, which stands for Computer-Assisted Translation.

Don’t be fooled by the word “computer” in the name: CAT Tools aren’t machine translation systems like Google Translate. They are software systems that assist human translators. Bringing together all sorts of functions in a single interface, they guarantee long-term consistency and provide quality checks that are not offered by normal word processing programmes.

CAT Tools also play an essential role on the project management front: they can be used to organize complex projects involving translations of the same document into a number of languages or different translators for each specific type of content.


What are the benefits for clients?
Free automatic page layout work

Thanks to our CAT Tools, we can overtype texts and handle numerous types of source files, (including .indd, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .srt, .mp4, .mov, .csv and .xml). We stick to the original page layout (formatting, codes and styles) while following the conventions of the target language.

Automatic page layout systems make it possible to:

  • Do away with the times and costs of exporting, importing and checking texts before and after the translation process
  • Cut down on the mistakes that tend to be caused by manual copying and pasting.
Meeting deadlines

Quick translation turnaround times are very important for our clients.

Translation Memories (or TMs – see here to find out more: enable translators to reuse segments of texts that they have already translated. We have a TM for every client, containing the translations from all previous projects.

This speeds up the translation process even for very large documents and texts that come from different departments and in different formats.

CAT Tools provide STUDIOTRE with indispensable technological support and they have revolutionized the way in which translation projects are managed.
If you’re like Anna or Gianni and you need a brochure or any other document translated, get in touch and ask for further information:


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