STUDIO TRE offers a series of additional and complementary services for which clients can count on an efficient response and concrete support:

  • Declaration of conformity for translated texts
  • Translation of websites, keywords, and video, including direct uploading of texts on the appropriate portals
  • Certifications of sworn translation, and authentications at Italian courts and public prosecutors offices by court-registered translators
  • Procurement of documents for establishing companies abroad
  • Handling of paperwork at consulates and embassies (business visas on passports, tourist visas on passports, stamps on photocopies of passports, endorsements on certificates of origin, stamps on chamber of commerce membership certificates, stamps on copies of official documents filed with the chamber of commerce, endorsements on medical certificates, endorsements on powers of attorney, endorsements on invoices and bilingual official stamps)
  • Assessment of the language skills of candidates selected to manage foreign business for companies
  • Customized language courses for individuals and groups
  • Multilingual audiovisual transcriptions and voice-overs
  • Corporate domiciliation and legal domiciliation
  • Temporary company offices in Reggio Emilia
  • Temporary secretarial services, dedicated telephone numbers and mailing address, and management of schedules and appointments
  • Management of mailing lists and complete services for sending postal products
  • Corporate image conception, development, and versions for various contexts
  • Creation of advertising elements (signs, standing panels, plexiglass, inflatables, etc.)
  • Digital graphics services
  • Creation of company profiles, catalogues, leaflets, manuals, posters, plaques, etc.
  • Creation of advertising campaigns and materials
  • Videos and training videos
  • Creation and placement of websites, advergames, 2D/3D animation and graphics
  • Package graphics.