Sectors and areas of specialization

The wide range of sectors and specializations for which STUDIO TRE can provide translation and interpreting services is complemented by its ability to consistently select the most appropriate styles for each text and the context for which it is intended. Slogans, manuals, letters, and presentations all require very different styles, even when they refer to the same product.
Every translation is a delicate process, and is vastly more complex than simply converting a text from one language to another: in addition to expertise in language, successful communication must take into account the context and culture in which it will be used.
In over 35 years in business, STUDIO TRE has built up specific experience in the following sectors and areas of specialization:

technical, mechanical, automotive, hydraulics, agriculture, fine food and wine…

  • Installation, operating, and maintenance manuals, catalogues, brochures, parts lists, blueprints, tables, and transparencies, specifications and offers for tender, quotes, technical info sheets, and specifications for products and services

Legislative, financial, economic, legal, counterfeit prevention…

  • Contracts, balance sheets, company by-laws, charters, patents, fiscal regulations, legal, banking, and financial documents, investment fund reports, legal and notary paperwork, certificates of incorporation, international adoptions, and vehicle registrations

Medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, medicinal, biomedical, accident prevention, etc.

  • Medical abstracts, patient records, scientific tests, pharmaceutical data sheets, articles from scientific journals, and medical reports.

Advertising and marketing

  • Brochures, editorials, newsletters, monographs, slogans, pay-offs, promotional texts, and videos

Information technology, electronics, telephone

  • Software applications and websites