Oggi ti presento… Letizia!

“And it will be through travel that the young man will discover the Soul of the World, Love and the Language of the Universe, he will learn to talk to the sun and the wind”: similarly to Santiago – the main character in “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho – Letizia Palladino has also always optimistically nurtured a desire to break down barriers between people, whether linguistically, culturally or physically.

Twenty-two years ago, in July 1997, she also achieved this dream in her professional life when she met Maura and Francesca and became a linguistic consultant at STUDIOTRE, where she is now the CEO and Managing Director.

Ever since then, she has tackled everyday challenges at work with a smile, determination, curiosity and a “maternal and organised” proactive entrepreneurial spirit, aimed at forging valuable relationships and synergies with the people she meets.

Also inspired by “The Celestine Prophecy”, being fascinated by the “quantum mind” and meditation, she spends her free time travelling and following personal development courses. To rediscover a sense of inner peace and balance, she looks after her oak trees and orchids and is an active supporter of protecting women and children around the world, while still finding time to pamper her 4 young nieces and nephews and her puppy Joy.

Contact Letizia at: letizia.p@traduzionistudiotre.it

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