Linguistic discrimination: a new form of prejudice?

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In common language, we are used to hear people talk about glossophobia, meaning the fear of public speaking. Some time ago the new term “linguistic discrimination” arose on the horizon. Although still not officially, it does identify a form of discrimination based on how a person speaks a language. 

It is not simply a mockery of personal pronunciation defects, but is rather actual discrimination based on the minority languages, regional accents or foreign accents, which can become a stigma and an obstacle, also between native speakers of the same language. 

Confirming that is a U.S. research study published on the website “Uniting Ambition”, which points out that 80% of employers allow themselves to be influenced and to take discriminating decisions by basing themselves only on the regional accent of the potential collaborator. Furthermore, one-third of aspiring employees admits to trying to correct their accent and to “lighten” their cadence in order to make a good impression during interviews.

19 Sep, 18



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