Today, meet… Laura!

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Having graduated in Anthropology and with the dream of interacting with people of different languages and cultures ever since she was a child, Laura Bassi joined the STUDIOTRE team in March 2020 as a project manager.

For Laura, “differences are not obstacles, but precious opportunities for growth” and with her job she loves the chance to discuss and work with translators from all over the world, discovering their daily life and looking after “the human relationship which computers and technology sometimes risk automating”.

Having had a love for music for many years – she plays the violin and piano, and is a huge fan of Pearl Jam – she worked as an interpreter for a radio station in Verona. She now spends her free time organising cultural/holistic events and her favourite hobby is being a mum.

Her life philosophy? It can be summed up in a quote by Alessandro Baricco: “Things happen that are similar to questions. A minute goes by, or years, and then life answers back…”.

Contact Laura at [email protected]

21 Jul, 20