studio-tre-02Professional interpreters are becoming increasingly necessary in a world that knows no borders. Over time, STUDIO TRE has built up a network of professional, reliable interpreters who pursue continuing education and who are able to accompany companies and individual professionals in all business contexts, guaranteeing them the confidence they need to work at any latitude.
Their specific, in-depth understanding of different countries, values, and contexts is the ideal complement to communications among different languages and cultures.

Our interpreters identify with the needs of the clients, helping conclude negotiations as if the two parties were speaking the same language, and they are trained to respond adequately to the varying levels of formality that differing contexts require.
In particular, STUDIO TRE offers its clients:

  • liaison interpreters for business or technical meetings
  • simultaneous interpreters
  • consecutive interpreters
  • whispering interpreters
  • interpreters to accompany foreign delegations
  • interpreters for fairs and travel
  • interpreters for meetings and company events
  • interpreters for webinars, video conferences, and teleconferences
  • interpreters for international conference calls
  • interpreters of the sign language for people with hearing impairments
  • Legal Expert Witness interpreters for assistance with court hearings and bilingual acts executed before a notary
  • assistance with general and technical training

In addition to language consulting at your company, STUDIO TRE ensures support through trusted and skilled correspondents, at home and abroad, for fairs, meetings, conferences, and business trips, thanks to an international network of interpreters, stand assistants, and hostesses/stewards.