“Ineluctable” Thanos gets Italians reaching for their dictionaries

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In the latest Avengers film, Marvel Comics supervillain Thanos utters the memorable line “I am inevitable”. It is interesting to note that in the dubbed Italian version of Avengers: Endgame, he says “ineluttabile” (“ineluctable”) instead of what might be deemed the direct translation of the term (“inevitabile”).

Ever since the film was released in Italy on 24 April, the number of Google searches for the word “ineluttabile” has soared. It seems to show that plenty of Italian viewers aren’t quite sure what it means, as underlined by the fact that there have also been lots of Google searches for things such as “meaning of ineluctable” and “ineluctable synonym”.

The regions that have turned to Google most to clear up their confusion are the Aosta Valley, Marche, Sardinia, Sicily and Lombardy.
As well as people who need a little help understanding the meaning of the word, there are lots of viewers who have asked themselves why the original English term “inevitable” was translated with the Italian equivalent of “ineluctable” instead of the more obvious choice.

Dubbing director and dialogue writer Marco Guadagno explained the reasons behind the decision to the editors of in a short statement: “I felt it was a more fitting term for that character, bearing in mind his epic nature. In any case, it’s a synonym… just a slightly more learned one”.

It’s also important to remember that it isn’t easy to faithfully convey every single nuance of the original meaning when translating from one language to another. This is especially true in dubbing, when it’s crucial to take into account the length of each word and the need to keep everything in sync with the original pronunciation.

How about you? Have you ever wondered what “ineluctable” means?



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