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Translation & interpreting for start-ups

Creating the right language strategy to drive your start-up’s growth


Words speed along the track of technological innovation

Finance, medicine, biotech, sport, gaming, and technologies for the food, fashion and insurance industries: the landscape of Italian start-ups is a flurry of activity these days. The greatest challenge when first embarking on an entrepreneurial project is how to overcome physical, linguistic and cultural barriers to disseminate your innovative ideas.

STUDIO TRE is the ideal parter for start-ups who wish to

Introduce themselves to international financial backers, accelerators, incubators and stakeholders without having to fear linguistic or cultural differences

Have corporate documents and product communications that have been translated into all of their target markets’ languages and are consistent with their business strategy

Have the support of a language consultancy that allows them to optimise their time and financial resources while taking advantage of the opportunities technology offers

Reasons to choose us


The spirit of innovation lies at the core of our translation and interpreting services


Optimisation and simplification are our watchwords when it comes to achieving effective multilingual communication


We believe that the entrepreneurial energy of young start-ups must be supported and amplified, including through the right language strategy

Translation, transcreation and localisation services

What we offer

Would you like to have a strategy language consultant to help you grow your business abroad?