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Translation & interpreting for the legal and financial sectors

We help you to craft language strategies that can hold their own against officialese.

law and finance

Moving words from one legal system to another

Understanding legal and financial language can be difficult. Legal and financial documents are often typified by technical terms, by long and complex sentences and by extremely rigid and formal structures.

Translators and interpreters specialised in the legal sector have a dual responsibility. Not only must they have a flawless understanding of the text, they must also be aware of a document’s legal effects.

STUDIO TRE is the ideal partner for companies who wish to

Translate legal and financial documents with the utmost confidentiality

Export their products abroad in compliance with the laws of the export market

Engage with their international clients and partners without having to fear officialese

Have translated documents certified and/or legalised, thus preserving their legal validity with confidence that each corresponds to the original

Reasons to choose us


We understand the basic legal principles and the law in both countries of origin and target countries


Our translators are enrolled in the Register of Technical Experts at Italian Courts for certified and legalised translations


We leave no room for the errors, ambiguities or misunderstandings that could render a document invalid

Legal and financial translation services

What we offer

Insurance policies, financial statements (consolidated, statutory and tax accounts, consolidated non-financial statements and sustainability reports), contracts and agreements (including import/export), invoices, loan documents.

Trademarks and patents, experts’ reports, certificates of origin, import certificates, delivery verification certificates, landing certificates, inspection certificates, health and safety certificates.

Privacy policies, cookie policies, trade union documents, documentation for bids for tenders, articles of association, company extracts, unified tax compliance certificates.

LEWs (Legal Expert Witnesses) for assistance in court hearings and with bilingual notarial deeds, meetings between trade unions, legal disputes, private meetings with HR managers on contractual, medical, environmental and insurance issues.

Would you like to have a strategy language consultant to help you grow your business abroad?