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Fitness speaks your language, at home and at the gym

Exercising at home, in one’s own space and on one’s own schedule, whether doing callisthenics or using equipment, is becoming increasingly common. To cross into the territory of at-home fitness, businesses in the wellness sector will have to speak the language typical of the apps and workout videos designed for fitness lovers of different nationalities and cultures.

STUDIO TRE is the ideal partner for businesses in the fitness & wellness industry who wish to

Leave the confines of the gym to enter the homes of sport and wellness lovers, either via live-streamed simultaneously-translated workouts with personal trainers or via video lessons dubbed or subtitled in different languages

Teach staff in charge of technical support, decontamination and gym set-up, using training courses translated into their own languages, conducted either in-person or remotely

Share healthy fitness-oriented recipes and advice about dietary supplements or ideal clothing choices for different types of workouts with their followers

Reasons to choose us


You will be able to translate workouts using the right terminology and upload them to apps, websites and exercise equipment software in any language


You will be able to communicate with customers and suppliers from the fitness industry, planning for international trade fairs and online events


You will be able to localise your equipment’s software and operating and maintenance manuals, allowing them to be used in homes and gyms in any city, in any nation

Translation, transcreation and localisation services

What we offer

Handbooks, operating and maintenance manuals, technical drawings, catalogues of replacement parts

Software interfaces for fitness equipment, SEO translation of websites and of training and fitness plan apps

Training course videos uploaded onto e-learning platforms and LMSs (Learning Management Systems), corporate and product videos

Company profiles, brochures, catalogues, press releases and magazines, newsletters, social media editorial plans, toolkits for trade fairs and wellness events

Education and training courses for technical and sales staff, trade fairs and events, company visits and strategy meetings

Would you like to have a strategy language consultant to help you grow your business abroad?