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technical documents

A strategic tool for international marketing

A calling card that conveys your brand’s image and your products’ quality to international markets: technical documents are more than just a legal obligation to protect against financial and criminal liability; they are, first and foremost, strategic tools that companies can use to build relationships of trust with customers across all markets, languages and cultures.

Why is it important to translate technical documents?

Technical documents contain information about a product’s design, manufacture and operation, in addition to all of the data that prove it conforms with legal technical requirements.

They are tools that can make all the difference, both during and after sales. Clear technical documents facilitate business negotiations, cut down on support requests and help customer care representatives to build customer loyalty.

That is why they must be clear and convey information in a highly effective manner in every language into which they are translated. Indeed, an incorrect translation can lead to improper use of a product, putting users’ safety at risk.

Translating technical documents means much more than simply making them comprehensible in another language; it means making them fit for purpose while complying with local requirements in the markets where you want to do new business. Each market has its own needs and requires different content, which must be localised if technical documents are truly to become tools customised for their users.

How do we translate technical documents?

Technical documents must be translated and made accessible on different channels and in a variety of formats in a short period of time, all while keeping the cost of the initial translation and of future updates down.

That is why, for every project, we create a multidisciplinary team coordinated by one of our project managers, where the language skills of a native-speaker translator and reviser join forces with the editorial expertise of a technical communicator.

Thanks to our CAT tools, we can translate technical documents directly using source files created with:

Translation memories allow us to rapidly update documents while ensuring vocabulary is consistent and uniform, preserving brand identity and transforming technical documents into a distinguishing element for your brand in foreign markets.

Technical documents: What do we translate?

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