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Language services for the sport, beauty and nutraceuticals sectors

The language of wellness

Persuasive translations with technical undertones

When we talk about health and wellness, several different spheres come into play – sport, the beauty and personal care industries, and the food and nutraceuticals sectors – each with its own language that must be localised in a way that fits with the brand’s tone of voice and takes into account each market’s distinctive features.

Health and wellness: Our translation services

In a fast-paced world already overloaded with information, businesses that wish to promote projects focused on wellness – whether in the private or professional sphere – must make their voices heard, choosing words that can convey the right message around the world.

Translating for the health and wellness sector means pairing expertise in scientific marketing language with the skills of a translator specialised in transcreation, in other words, crafting language that is at once persuasive and technical.

Our language consultants work with businesses in the health and wellness sector to translate:

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