Tailored transcreation and localisation

The perfect linguistic fit for every language and culture

Fashion and Luxury

Words that fit like a glove

Technical terminology and loan words from French and English characterise the language used by the fashion industry around the world. That is why a tailored approach is key to guiding the language consultant when translating for the fashion industry.

Fashion: Our translation services

A concise style, creativity and a highly specialised lexicon are crucial threads for weaving the finest language strategies for fashion industry businesses.

Thanks to our network of translators, we can assist fashion houses and businesses in the textile, accessories and eyewear sectors with the transcreation and localisation of content for foreign markets, working together to craft the linguistic ensemble best suited to each language and culture.

We are the partner that businesses can trust to help them create pithy and compelling phrases and navigate the constantly evolving foreign lexicons that define and describe the world’s vast variety of textiles, cuts, models, colours and sizes.

What we translate for the fashion industry:

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