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The different translation techniques

To each text, its translator

Language is an extraordinary tool for communication, but it can occasionally become an obstacle, especially when we have to build and manage valuable relationships with people who live on the other side of the world, in linguistic and cultural contexts very different from our own.

We believe that being language consultants and providing professional translation services represents an opportunity to support our clients and help them overcome communication barriers to expand their businesses into foreign markets.

Indeed, translation is the process of communication that lets us transfer the content of one language into another. There are a variety of translation techniques and related services, which we choose based on the type of content, its purpose, its intended use and its target audience.

translation using cat tools

This involves the transposition of a text from a source language into a target language in a way that guarantees an accurate translation, one that employs the correct terminology, grammar and spelling, and an appropriate style and tone of voice, is suitable for its intended target, and respects the cultural norms of the country where the target language is spoken.


Localisation involves adapting software, an app or a web tool to the linguistic and technical parameters of the reference market.

Indeed, localisation does not stop at the selection of the correct words, but also addresses structure and the methods with which information is presented, so that it conforms to the cultural conventions and usability principles of the target country.


Transcreation involves the creative adaptation of a text, as is generally seen in advertising, promotional and marketing materials, on an interlinguistic level.

Starting from the client’s source text, the content is transplanted from one market into another, as if the target text had originally been written in the language of the target country.

machine translation post-editing

A pre-translation is performed with dedicated artificial intelligence software, selected to ensure information remains confidential, used in combination with the client’s translation memories.

Each translation project goes through a revision process; at Studio Tre, revision consists of a meticulous bilingual analysis carried out by a native-speaker professional who is not the text’s translator. During this process, the reviser compares the target text to the source text to check that the content has been interpreted correctly, that the terminology is consistent, and that the content, style and tone of voice are suitable for the intended use and target audience.

In addition to translation services, thanks to our partners and collaborators we can also provide:

In-language copywriting

Professional copywriting of marketing and advertising content: Based on the client’s brief, the copywriter reworks the content, adapting it to the cultural norms of the target language while being careful to meet the same communication goals as the original message.

Copy editing

Copy editing, by a native-speaker editor, of translated advertising and marketing text before it is published.

We are able to provide a Declaration of Conformity for any of our translations: a document attesting that the translation is faithful to the source text and was carried out by a professional translator who is a native speaker of the target language, in compliance with the parameters of Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 17100:2017 and UNI 10574:2007, and pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01.

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