CAT Tools, Interpreting platforms and Cyber Security

Underpinning translation with language skills and technological innovation

People and technology

A responsive team with a linguistic and technological vocation

Technological advances have transformed the way we translate and interpret.
We believe that technological support is complementary to linguistic support. Integrating our technology with that of our clients and partners is the first step to offering a service tailored to fit the specific requests of those who choose us as their language consultants.

We use state-of-the-art CAT tools and translation software to translate source files directly. We create specific translation memories for each company and for each language pair.

We rent out stationary and portable systems (compliant with ISO 2603/4043) and use specific platforms for remote interpreting and events.

We safeguard the data of our clients, collaborators and partners with the aid of:

CAT Tools

CAT is the acronym for Computer Assisted Translation and it is one of the essential tools a language consultant uses each day.

Thanks to the numerous tools and functions they combine into a single interface, CAT software suites support us throughout the various phases of translation projects:

CAT Tools: What are the benefits for clients?

Using CAT Tools allows us to:

Translation memories

A Translation Memory (TM) is a true language database, in which texts in a source language and their corresponding translations into a target language are stored.

Each client and each language pair has its own specific TM; it is a dynamic database that grows and evolves along with the language of the client and of the sector each time new translations are completed.

Translation memories: What are the benefits for clients?

Interpreting systems and platforms

For language consultants, providing interpreting services means knowing their clients’ needs in terms of systems, technical equipment and platforms, which vary based on the type of event.

Thanks to our network of partners, we rent out stationary and portable systems that comply with the requirements of standards ISO 2603 and ISO 4043:

Moreover, our team is well-versed in the use and management of different remote interpreting platforms and applications for seminars, conferences, webinars, business negotiations and training courses.


Cyber Security

“We stand by our word” is more than just a pay-off for us; it is the promise we make to all of our clients. In keeping with that promise, we safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of all those who choose us as their partner and service provider, thanks to our Total Cybersecurity Protection and Vulnerability Assessment systems.

Total Cyber Security Protection

Our ICT system and all of our databases are safeguarded against all types of viruses and hacker attacks. Our network, our devices and our connections are kept secure 24/7 thanks to a Total Cyber Security Protection system – provided by Onorato Informatica Srl – that guarantees:

Premise perimeter protection
Protection for all equipment and devices used
Protected and filtered connections
Information and company know-how that is strictly safeguarded in compliance with the provisions of GDPR 2016/679
Vulnerability Assessment

Our ICT system’s defences are subjected to constant prevention activities and monitoring; for this purpose, thanks to Cyberment S.r.l., our ICT network is continuously scanned by a Vulnerability Assessment system, which certifies and guarantees:

Our ICT infrastructure’s high level of security
Zero risk of attacks on our ICT system
Information that is strictly protected in compliance with the provisions of GDPR 2016/679
Constant operational continuity
Disaster Recovery

Our operational continuity is maintained thanks to a disaster recovery system that prevents accidental data loss. Restoration of our IT infrastructure’s operation and of access to it is guaranteed by:

Daily backups to network storage,
Cloud backups that allow for the instantaneous restoration of files and folders across the company network
Shadow copies made of every device twice daily

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