online event services

Interpreters, hosts and hostesses, technical direction

A complete team to manage your virtual events

From on-land to online

The language consultancy that makes your virtual events a reality

Online events are playing an increasingly important role in corporate marketing strategies: Virtual trade fairs, webinars, virtual tours, and remote press conferences and training courses bolster and enhance the potential of traditional marketing and communications tools.

Technological innovation allows us to create bespoke, multifunctional and secure virtual environments, where you can forge relationships and interact with your customers and foreign partners, exactly as you would in a physical location.

Planning an event requires great care and professional expertise if the participants are to perceive it as a useful as well as an enjoyable experience.

Thanks to our team’s combined skills, we provide support to our clients before, during and after their corporate events, whether remote or in-person.

Our project managers coordinate teams composed of

Native-speaker translators who translate:

Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreters to assist corporate representatives during:

Event hosts and hostesses with language skills to support participants, including remotely, for the entire duration of the event, providing information on

Technical direction and support staff who:

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