WPML and Studio Tre: a new partnership for the localisation of multilingual websites

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Studio Tre announces a partnership with WPML to professionally localise websites in 75 languages. Click here to find out how!

We are pleased to announce Studio Tre’s partnership with WPML, the popular plugin for the WordPress CMS designed to assist the translation and management of multilingual content on websites based on the well-known platform.

Many of you will have heard the term CMS, Content Management System, in relation to websites and website development: in essence, it is a platform which allows users to easily create, modify and organise the content of a website or an online application. It is so user-friendly that six out of ten websites use one, and of the CMS available, WordPress is by far the most popular, powering 63.1% of websites using a CMS, according to w3techs.com.


WordPress nevertheless presents a number of limitations. One of these is that when installed, the platform lacks out-of-the-box functionality for managing a multilingual website: should this necessity arise, the process would have to be entirely manual, negatively impacting on timeframes, overall quality and end localisation goals.

In order to overcome this major limitation we have formed a partnership with WPML, and are now able to offer customers a simple way to localise any WordPress-based website, while maintaining the platform’s characteristic simplicity and flexibility.

The WPML plugin allows our customers to send content for translation without leaving WordPress, and to monitor translation progress through the admin panel on the WPML dashboard.

So what benefits do Studio Tre and WPML offer?

  • Simplified process. Translating a website with WPML and Studio Tre translation and localisation services takes the hassle out of the process: the translation work-flow simplifies the management of any multilingual site.
  • Optimisation of resources. There is no need for status tracking tables or endless email exchanges between contacts: the platform allows you to choose exactly which pages to send for translation and to monitor their progress at a glance.
  • Translation of any kind of website with a WordPress CMS. WPML offers the facilities to translate any part of a website, from the content of pages and articles to taxonomies and menus.


Click here to have your website professionally localised in 75 languages with the help of Studio Tre and WPML.



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