Today, meet… Martina!

Martina loves the opportunities her job gives her to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Thanks to her specialized translation studies, she’s built up comprehensive understanding and expertise of all aspects of the translation process.

Martina makes the most of her superb organizational skills in many ways, such as when she manages resources, time and risks as she supports clients by selecting professional interpreters, hosts and hostesses for international negotiations and events.

Some of her most significant skills include her precision, communication capabilities and her ability to see situations from every point of view.

Martina loves having the opportunity to travel frequently and get to know different cultures.

She never gets disheartened, even when things don’t go as expected! As she says, “success doesn’t always come easily, but I try to stay calm. Take a deep breath, put a nice smile on your face and go for it. There are no problems, just endless solutions!”

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