Today, meet… Alexandrina

Alexandrina's favourite flowers are sunflowers because “they always know which way to turn”. They were famously painted by her favourite artist, Vincent van Gogh.

Alexandrina has been part of the STUDIO TRE team since 2020 and she currently manages sworn and legalized translation projects.

Born in Moldova, she has made Reggio Emilia her adoptive home town. The thing she likes most about her job is the opportunity to meet people who speak different languages and come from different cultures: “Since I started working with translations, I’ve discovered languages, customs and traditions that I’d never even heard of before.”

As well as looking after her cat Pokè, in her free time Alexandrina likes to unwind by walking in natural surroundings or by the sea, visiting quaint old villages and reading.

Her favourite book is Pride and Prejudice.

Contact Alexandrina at: preventivi@traduzionistudiotre.it



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