STUDIO TRE supports child in-car safety.


The Italian statistic is truly alarming: 53 children lost their lives in road accidents in 2016 alone, a figure up by 11% compared with last year. The figures for Reggio Emilia are no less worrying, with 39 adults fined in 2015 by the Municipal Police for not having fastened children in their seat, while over 70 received fines in 2016.

Reggio Emilia has therefore become the pilot city for“Bambini in sicurezza”, an awareness campaign promoted by the Provincial Road Safety Watchdog of Reggio Emilia which aims to teach road safety in obstetrics and gynaecology wards.

This project, also supported by Coop Alleanza 3.0 and the Reggio Emilia Local Health Authority, offers quarterly meetings with pregnant mothers, new parents and grandparents at clinics in every district. The goal is to teach best practices so our children can travel in complete safety. The first part of these meetings will focus on Italian legislation governing the transport of children, while the second part will show what happens if you fail to apply these best practices. These meetings will be run by volunteers from the Watchdog, which have been running free awareness initiatives in schools for almost twenty years, together with local administrations and municipal police forces across the entire province.

The main tool used in these lessons will be a small handbook containing all the information you need on taking newborn babies and children in cars, on public transport, motorbikes or bicycles. STUDIO TRE helped produce this pamphlet, which can be downloaded from the website La sicurezza dei bambini in automobile, translating it into six different languages. STUDIO TREa translation and interpreting agency founded in Reggio Emilia in 1979, is particularly proud to have supported this initiative, which is the first example of non-commercial prevention in Italy for child road safety.



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