STUDIO TRE, a Benefit Corporation with a Green Heart

STUDIO TRE is the first Benefit Corporation in Reggio Emilia among language service providers.
We feel a great responsibility towards future generations, which is why, as a Benefit Corporation, the mission we pursue is to have a positive and sustainable impact on people and the environment.

Twenty apple and pear trees, old fruit varieties of our local area, one for each member of the STUDIO TRE team. Though it seems a very simple gesture, planting a tree is highly significant to us as it gives concrete shape to our daily commitment to pursuing a mission aimed at having a positive and sustainable impact on people and the environment.

This is the mission that, in 2021, guided us in the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation, the first – and as yet the only – one in Reggio Emilia among language services providers.

It is in this spirit that on 21 November 2021 we participated in the tree planting event held at the public park Parco delle Acque Chiare, attended by the city’s Mayor Luca Vecchi and Environment Councillor Carlotta Bonvicini.

Environmental protection

“It was with joy and awareness that we joined the city’s urban forest project,” explained Letizia Palladino, CEO of STUDIO TRE, “to make Reggio Emilia greener and more sustainable, because we feel a great responsibility towards future generations. And it is specifically for them, for the citizens of the future, that we contributed by donating twenty trees to the local community. People’s wellbeing, environmental protection and support for the local area are part of our corporate mission, particularly since the beginning of this year, when we became the first Benefit Corporation in Reggio Emilia.”

Workplace wellbeing

“I see workplace wellbeing as a corporate social responsibility strategy,” says Letizia. “We are a team of twenty dynamic individuals with different needs and talents, so it is important for each one of us to live in a functional and sustainable work environment in which we feel respected and welcomed.”

With this in mind, in our new head office, in addition to brighter environments, we have created soundproofed spaces for calls and webinars, a dedicated training area and a relaxation area, an idea that came about after we shared a mindfulness experience. We have also created indoor and outdoor spaces for breaks and socialising, as well as a shower-changing room facility for staff who, thanks to flexible working hours, wish to practice sports during the day.

The needs of the local community

Although STUDIO TRE works with businesses throughout the world, the company is very responsive to the needs of the local community within which it operates, which is why every year it supports a range of non-profit organisations (Casina dei Bimbi, Rise Against Hunger, Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi, to name a few) and their education projects, is actively engaged in initiatives promoted by local institutions and Italian and European universities, and invests and collaborates with innovative startups, supporting them in developing solutions to be integrated into the language services it provides.

In recent months, Letizia Palladino has also talked to local TV channel Telereggio, explaining what being a company that has made the benefit and ethical approach its philosophy means to us.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel


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