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Today, meet… Maria!

Maria studied law, so she knows her way around all sorts of regulatory procedures and she’s got a good understanding of the mechanisms and rules of technical and legal language.

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Translating food labels requires language and legal skills.

Translating food labels

Translating food labels requires language and legal skills. An incorrect translation can harm the health of consumers and lead to sanctions for the company that makes and sells the food product in question.

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Translating technical documentation

Translating technical documentation

Technical documentation must be clear, complete, available in the user’s language and it must respect the specific procedures in any countries where you want to export the product. This is why you need teamwork that integrates the translator’s and technical communicator’s knowledge.

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Valeria Quaini, our head of administration of STUDIO TRE

Today, meet… Valeria!

Valeria, part of the STUDIOTRE team since 2020, loves the mountains and reading fantasy books and thrillers. Her motto? If you can’t find a way, make your own!

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