BNI®: the Diamante Chapter is founded in Reggio Emilia


Have you ever heard of BNI® and referral marketing?

If you haven’t, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about this marketing tool created in the USA in 1985, and we would like to proudly announce that Letizia Palladino, the CEO of STUDIO TRE, has been appointed as the first President of the Diamante Chapter of BNI® Italia.

But what is BNI:Changing the Way the World Does Business®?

It all came from an idea by Ivan Misner who believed, right from the outset, that word of mouth was one of the most powerful tools for swapping referrals to improve your turnover.

In fact, this is the principle of Givers Gain® which is behind referral marketing and which created BNI®, an organisation that is now known around the world with over 250,000 registered professionals.

Every week, all around the world, thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs (called members) meet at work groups (called chapters) to create and nurture long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust and to exchange high-quality business referrals.

Taking part in BNI® also offers:

  • access to professional training provided by experts in their field and by BNU (BNI® University);
  • the opportunity to network and do business with hundreds of thousands of BNI® members all around the world.

How is the Diamante Chapter different from the others?

“Without a doubt due to its leap in size which also reflects its more substantial global reach – explains Claudio Messina, the Executive Director of BNI Italia and creator of the project, – a chapter is usually formed on average of 30 members specialised in as many business sectors, while Diamante is the first chapter in BNI Italia and BNI EMEA that has entered into the Hall of Fame for launching with over 100 members”.

“Word of mouth has always been the main business tool for us, because a referral from someone who enjoys our trust overcomes any initial scepticism and indifference – says Letizia Palladino from STUDIOTRE – and since 2015, when I took on the role of President of the San Prospero Chapter, we have shared the philosophy of BNI®, in other words developing valuable, long-term relationships with colleagues, customers or suppliers. Consequently, I have also enthusiastically just accepted the presidency of the Diamante Chapter: we are a close-knit team of reliable and qualified entrepreneurs, united by their shared values and goals and by their desire to create new synergies in Italy and around the world, thanks partly to the BNI Connect network”.

If you want to learn more about BNI® and the opportunities it can offer your business, please do not hesitate to contact us!



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