Behind the scenes at Fotografia Europea 2015

STUDIO TRE per Fotografia Europea

Behind the scenes at Fotografia Europea, STUDIO TRE’s winning bet

 Telling the story of the beauty and “secrets” of a work of art, by mediating between authors and users of different languages and cultures: when the right words become essential

There are pictures that are worth more than a thousand words, but to tell their story, they still need the right words. The tenth edition of Fotografia Europea, which is ever more international in its content and its proposals, coincides with the tenth year of cooperation between the artistic event which is about to open its doors in town and STUDIO TRE, the translation and interpreting services agency of Reggio Emilia that oversees communications between artists and the public. Once again, for Fotografia Europea 2015, all the official translations have been signed off by STUDIO TRE which, over the opening weekend of 16 and 17 May, is in charge of all simultaneous and consecutive translation into English, French and German for 17 events.

“Since the very first edition of Fotografia Europea – say Maura Bottazzi and Letizia Palladino, the guiding forces at the head of a staff of fifteen women, with a network of 1,300 mother tongue translators and interpreters – we believed in the potential of this event and its ability to attract photographers and enthusiasts to our city from different parts of Europe. Begun as an experiment inspired by similar events held beyond the Alps, it has now become an international appointment that requires an ability to converse and deal with people of different languages and cultures “for the works on show to be fully accessible and tell the tale of the backdrops against which they are created”.

A further, even more deeply felt need, given its concurrence with Expo – which, amongst other things, suggested the topic of the relationship between man and nature which was chosen as the recurring theme by Fotografia Europea 2015 – and the possible visitors who will be taking advantage of the proximity to Milan to attend scheduled events.

Understanding the culture and countries of origin of the artists, in addition to their works – explain the proprietors of STUDIO TRE – is important in order to find the right words and describe the different sensitivities of the authors in interpreting the proposed themes, making them immediate and accessible to different audiences without losing their complexity. It is a job that is often difficult, made even more challenging by working “live”, but it is also exciting and rich in that human component that we believe is essential in our work. To be appreciated professionally by artists of international fame or by visitors, as has happened on several occasions, is one of the most rewarding gratifications for that bet started ten years ago together with our city”



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