“You are so happying!”: discovering words invented by children

20 November is International Children’s Rights Day. On this day in 1989, the General Assembly of the United Nations officially adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This document is particularly dear to STUDIOTRE considering that, in our 40 years’ existence, we have taken part in various initiatives aimed at safeguarding the well-being and safety of children by supporting for example, the associations Rise Against Hunger Italy (http://bit.ly/STUDIOTRE_RiseAgainstHungher) and AROP Onlus (http://bit.ly/STUDIOTRE-Arop-Onlus) and taking part in the “Bambini in sicurezza” (Children in Safety) (http://bit.ly/STUDIOTRE-bambini-in-sicurezza) project.

To celebrate this day, we have dedicated the article in our blog to words invented by children, compiled a while ago by Repubblica.it in an interview with a number of primary school teachers in Bologna.

Giupino: when you sleep on your tummy (pancia in giù in Italian), the opposite of supine.

Tirogigante: a male trainee teacher (tirocinante), who’s very tall (gigante) and helps the teacher in class.

Fermaforo: from fermare (to stop) and semaforo (traffic light), the red traffic light that makes cars stop.

Pratiole: somersaults (capriole) on a grassy lawn (prato).

Umoria: the perfect mix between humour and happiness (allegria).

Cattivori: animals which are not only carnivores but also nasty (cattivi).

Spappolenta: the sloppy consistency of some foods.

Saponosa: soapy water.

Caldoloso: the opposite of chilly (freddoloso).

Allegrante: a happy person – or “happying” – who cheers other people up.

Spazzicadenti: a new tool which is a mix between a toothbrush (spazzolino) and a toothpick (stuzzicadenti).

Pigiamarsi: put your pyjamas on or “pyjamarise yourself”.

Mi coperti: short for “can you cover me with a blanket (coperta)?”


Friends of STUDIOTRE do you know any other words invented by children?
Share them on our Facebook page or send us an email (marketing@traduzionistudiotre.it).


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