What does “Eskere” mean? Find out all about the neologism from the world of American trap music

Picture the scene: one of your friends has some exciting plans for the weekend and he’s trying to get you on board. All of a sudden, he shouts “Eskere!” Strange as it might sound, there’s no cause for alarm because he’s simply saying “Let’s do it!”

Of course things would be a lot clearer if he simply used a more traditional turn of phrase, but the wonderful thing about languages is that they never stop evolving. No matter how absurd some of them may seem, neologisms paint a fascinating picture of the cultural changes that take place with each new generation.

At STUDIOTRE we delve deep into the vocabularies of numerous languages from Europe and beyond every day, so we were keen to find out more about the meaning of the word “Eskere” because it’s been growing in popularity among teenagers in Italy and elsewhere for some time now. Let’s take a look at the origins of this peculiar neologism.

The roots of the term “eskere” – and variants such as “esketit”, “esghere”, “lesghere”, “sghere”, “eskereee” and “esghereee” – can be found in the American rap and trap scene. It’s a shortened form of “Let’s get it” that tends to be used with the meaning “Let’s do it”/“Let’s go” and the first artists to popularize it were Famous Dex and Lil Pump. Urban Dictionary (an online dictionary for English slang and neologisms) contains the following definition: “Something Lil Pump says when he’s excited”.

How did the term “Eskere” reach Italian shores?
The neologism has become popular among young Italians thanks to the Dark Polo Gang from Rome. Fans of the group started using it as a sort of greeting at concerts and it has subsequently spread throughout the Italian rap and trap scene as a rallying cry and symbol of belonging.


Do you know any other interesting neologisms that have gone viral thanks to the music world?
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