The translators and interpreters of tomorrow: Roberta Cappiello

2019 marked an important milestone for STUDIOTRE: we celebrated our 40th birthday by funding 4 grants for graduates in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Bologna (we spoke about it in this article:

The winners were chosen in November: Roberta Cappiello, Marta Marchesi, Beatrice Capocci and Carlo Bianchini. Two future translators and two future interpreters who, starting from today, we’ll have the pleasure of introducing to you.

Roberta Cappiello | Future translator 

Roberta comes from Rome and graduated in Specialized Translation, English and Spanish.
With a passion for Japanese language and culture, her motto – which “never fails to motivate her” – is 七転び八起き (nana korobi ya oki), literally translated as “fall seven times, get up eight” because “it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down on your journey, always get up and keep going along your path”.

Why did you choose the Specialized Translation degree course? 

I wanted to steer my language studies towards a practical application, i.e. translation. During this time, thanks to my lecturers at the University of Bologna, I’ve gained the skills required to handle all types of translation – editorial, technical and audiovisual – including software translations, implementing targeted translation strategies and using CAT Tools, which are now essential tools for our work.

What’s your secret dream and how will the grant help you make it come true? 

During my bachelor’s degree, I studied Japanese as a third language; Japanese (along with English) is one of the most widely used languages in video games, a great passion of mine. I’d like to use the grant to keep studying Japanese, possibly by taking a course at the Japan Cultural Institute in Rome, because I’ve always wanted to work in the video game localisation sector, perhaps as an in-house translator at a company like Nintendo, Ubisoft or Bethesda.


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