STUDIOTRE takes on the challenge set by Reggio HUB

To attract talent from various countries around the world into the region while enhancing the potential and opportunities of the economic, social and production system in Reggio Emilia: this is the challenge set by Reggio HUB, which STUDIOTRE has eagerly accepted.

The project, launched by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia on the platform (funded by Horizon 2020), has come to fruition in the proposal submitted by POPWave.

Alongside POPWave are Reggiane Parco Innovazione, Unimore, Unindustria Reggio Emilia and the companies that, like STUDIOTRE, decided to bet on the project: Credem, ASK, Studio Alfa, Lovemark, MaxMara Fashion Group, Blulink, Way, PrintabLED, Smeg, GB ServiceLab and Grasselli.

What’s the Reggio HUB project about?

Reggio HUB is a web-based platform that, through the use of a YouTube channel and an account on the main social media networks, publicises the open positions offered by the companies involved.

Thanks to this matchmaking system, students and researchers will be able to find job opportunities and all the information on Reggio Emilia and its “way of life”.

The project’s team will also handle the onboarding phase of the people selected by the companies.

Why has STUDIOTRE joined the project?

“STUDIOTRE works alongside foreign professionals and mother-tongue translators and interpreters every day, and we serve as language consultants for companies that conduct their daily business on international markets”, explained Letizia Palladino (CEO) and Maura Bottazzi (Managing Shareholder). “We strongly believe in the innovation fostered by the dialogue and exchange with foreign collaborators, and this is why we’ve chosen to join Reggio Hub”.

What types of professionals is STUDIOTRE looking for?

We’re looking for mother-tongue translatorsand proofreaders, employees who – by coordinating with our project managers – will handle the translation and proofreading of projects involving various types of documents and content (for example: websites, manuals, catalogues, brochures, videos, contracts, notices and legal documents) for companies in the automotive, fashion, food & beverage, fitness & wellness, ICT, chemical/pharmaceutical and legal sectors.

By working closely with the STUDIOTRE team, they will have the opportunity to effectively deal with the different technical languages and various translation strategies, gaining the skills required to handle translation projects efficiently.

If you’d like more information on the type of professionals we’re looking for, you can find the detailed profile on the project website:


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