Physical exercise improves foreign language learning

Is it easier to learn a language while you are toiling away on a treadmill or an exercise bike? It would appear so, according to a study carried out by Chinese and Italian researchers.
The results seem to show that working out enhances our capacity to remember and understand new words in a foreign language thanks to the effects of exercise on our brains. An article in The New York Times states that the researchers studied 40 college-age Chinese men and women who were trying to improve their English. One group was allowed to remain seated as normal while studying. The other group was asked to warm up for 20 minutes on an exercise bike and then continue riding at a gentle pace throughout the 15-minute lesson.
The two groups were asked to memorize words that were projected onto screens, then take a vocabulary test to see how much they had retained. The results revealed that the students who had exercised proved more capable of memorizing words, using them actively and recognizing proper sentences. Furthermore, they were able to remember the new vocabulary for longer.


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