SEO copywriting is an essential activity if we want to increase the profile of our website or blog. The aim is to make our content able to comprehensively meet specific needs, climbing up the first results on search engine rankings, including abroad.

So how do we make our texts ‘SEO effective’? A few simple rules can help us: first of all, once we have identified the relevant key word, it needs to be naturally and harmoniously entered into several positions, first of all inside the URL, which can be customised on certain platforms, and then in the title of our post/article.

Another element not to be forgotten is the ‘meta description’, i.e. the presentation of our post which appears in Google results. It should be treated as a highly persuasive copy in which we try to meet the needs of the user. However, the beating heart of SEO activities lies in the body of the text: it must be no longer than 700 words, unless it is an in-depth study and, to make it easier to read, it is important to subdivide it into paragraphs with separate titles (‘heading tags’), where we must enter our key word.

To make everything richer and more engaging, we recommend putting images in (which are important for search engines) by using the key word as the title of the individual files entered.

SEO must also in no way be overlooked when our content is translated into other languages. A mere literal translation of the content, perhaps done with free online tools, is not enough and is unsuitable for our purposes. We need genuine localisation, i.e. cultural and linguistic adaptation of the text. Translating key words and titles literally is certainly quick and easy, but does not reflect the cultural nuances of a language, and this is where STUDIO TRE can come into play: by searching for key words localised into the target language, STUDIO TRE can carry out an SEO-oriented translation, identifying the most strategic key words for the target audience, business sector and relevant market of a certain language. Furthermore, considering the various nuances of different languages, STUDIO TRE mother-tongue translators will use the most appropriate specific terminology for each individual context and geo-linguistic area to offer an engaging text for site users.

If you want to reach a wider audience through your website, trust the translation of your content to expert, qualified STUDIO TRE translators.


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