Learning languages as an adult: a feasible challenge!

The conviction that the study of foreign languages is a practically insurmountable hurdle for adults, the middle-aged or those more advanced in years is definitely a cliché.

If it is true that a young mind is quicker and more flexible, an adult learns languages in a more measured and systematic manner, without forgetting the advantages arising from:
– Greater motivation, whatever the initial stimulus may be
– Linguistic bases induced by a habit to use foreign words (just think of the many English terms that have been added to the Italian everyday vocabulary: computer, mouse, week-end, show, business, marketing, phone, game, play, football, corner, volley, basket, etc.).
– Enhanced autonomy and freedom of decision and movement
– Greater cultural references that make associating words and memories or images easier

These are a few observations coming from our experience in the sector. If you have personally experienced other benefits in learning a language in a post-academic age, share them with us: maura.b@traduzionistudiotre.it


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