“To be assertive and act out of emotional intelligence means to know your feelings and to be able to communicate them in a way that allows you to maintain your integrity without threatening the integrity of others.”


Welcome back to your weekly appointment with STUDIOTRE! Today, we aren’t going to be talking about translations, interpreting and foreign languages. Instead, we’ll be focusing on a single word: Mindfulness.

STUDIOTRE recently took part in eight days of Mindfulness training with the psychologist Nila Rossi.

It was an extremely stimulating experience that all of the members of the STUDIOTRE team (translators, interpreters and project managers) were very keen to go through together so that they could make some additions to the emotional tool kits that they use in their professional and personal lives.

STUDIOTRE’s CEO Letizia Palladino reveals: “We embarked on this process so that we could enhance our emotional awareness, learn to manage our feelings effectively in all circumstances and optimize our relationships with colleagues, clients and all of the members of our team.”

What does “Mindfulness” actually mean?

It is all about paying attention to everything that happens to us on a daily basis. This is something that should be done a) intently and b) non-judgementally, with c) a focus on the present moment. It’s a way of experiencing things more consciously and in the “here and now”.

Mindfulness is based on a form of meditation that has been adapted for everyday life. It helps people to deal with uneasiness and situations that take them out of their comfort zones.

Letizia Palladino is very satisfied with the work done. “We tried a number of different types of meditation, then everybody chose the one that best suited their individual preferences and needs. We had reading materials to tell us more about the approach and recordings of Nila Rossi’s voice to guide us through the various meditation processes. Deciding to ‘take a little time out’ is a simple way of treating yourself with kindness and respect. It will help us to regain the ‘freedom’ and joys of non-judgemental existing and ‘being’, as we look at ourselves from new, revitalizing points of view that give us fresh balance.”

All of the staff at STUDIOTRE – and especially Maura Bottazzi and Letizia Palladino, who were behind this innovative professional initiative – would like to thank Nila Rossi for giving us a rare opportunity to engage in some sensitive, profound inner listening.




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