If the carrots are cooked, don’t cry over spilt milk: in search of 5 sayings about food.

From generation to generation, food has always played a very important role in shaping our culture and identity. In fact, relationships are forged, stories are told and values are passed down around the dinner table.

In this article, our friends of STUDIOTRE, we want to talk about 5 interesting culinary sayings, starting from their literal translation and discovering their real meaning.
Les carottes sont cuites
For the French, when “the carrots are cooked” it means what’s done is done, things can no longer be changed. The English equivalent would be “it’s no use crying over spilt milk”.

Me importa un pepino
When a Spanish person says “it’s as important to me as a cucumber”, to add more emphasis, they’ll probably also shrug their shoulders; this saying means that they couldn’t care less about a certain subject.

Tomaten auf den Augen haben
If a German person tells you that “you have tomatoes on your eyes”, they’re not recommending a new cure for getting rid of bags under your eyes, but rather they’re telling you that you don’t really know what’s going on around you. While over in Italy, you would have a salami on your eyes instead of a tomato.

Bułka z masłem
When a Polish person smiles at you and says “bread and butter” but you’re not sat at the table for breakfast, they’re undoubtedly telling you that something is easy to do, just like saying “a piece of cake” in English.

Lets voor een appel en een ei kopen
If a Dutch person seems very happy for you while telling you that “you bought it for an apple and an egg”, they’re congratulating you as you’ve got a real bargain, buying something at a great price.

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