Hug, kiss, home… words to protect and save according to Paolo Iabichino

Sooner or later Covid will go away, but it is casting a dark shadow over certain words that we have to strive to protect and to make them resonate again without the bitter taste of this tragedy. This is the beginning to “Le parole infette” (Infected Words), an article written by Paolo Iabichino, a Creative Director, who has worked at Ogilvy Italia for many years.

STUDIOTRE works with words every day; it translates them and turns them into tools of communication that allow companies to reach customers and partners all over the world. This is why we were particularly struck by Paolo Iabichino’s article and we want to share it with you, mentioning a few passages from his article and some of the words chosen by him.


“Will we still be able to hug each other? It seems impossible right now and perhaps it will remain an unnatural hindrance for us, a reflection of proxemic mistrust which we will not be able to shake off so quickly. A hug must instead become a sign of when life is returning to normal. A propitiatory custom to exorcise the past […]”. 


“[…] we must try even harder to defend a word that says a lot about us all over the world. People in other countries are jealous of the natural way in which Latins greet each other and a kiss needs to be protected. […] an important action that identifies us, the strongest antibody in our social relationships”.


“It is incredible how it only took a few days to dangerously distort this word. The quintessential safe haven, the most intimate place, the private space which protects affection, interests, passion, thoughts and routines. At the moment, our homes are where we take our video-conference calls. […] we will have to rediscover the confidence of being on our own again within our own four walls. And once again hear the word home resonating, without this lingering bad memory”.


“But also heroines. It is a noble word and has finally been given a contemporary meaning. No longer do comic books, Marvel, mythology or sports pundits cover up all the mourning of heroism. We have finally understood the deeper meaning of this word. […] For once, all of us have been able to see the fabled shields behind our heroic healthcare workers”.


“I feel that many of us will reassess the deeper meaning of this word, because we have discovered, despite our efforts, how far away a school friend can become who only lives a few blocks down the road […]”.


“We have created an entire vocabulary of expressions with hands. […] Will we once again shake hands before and after a work meeting? What will happen when we meet someone new? Time will tell whether hands pay the price for fear, meanwhile we must keep our guard up high, because hands are also used for caressing”.


These are the words that will save us”.


And for you, dear friends of STUDIOTRE, are there any other words that we have to protect? If you want to share them with us, send us an email at

The full article has been published on Paolo Iabichino’s blog and you can read it by clicking on this link: 



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