Genoa Bridge Collapse: long delays because of a Translation

Here at STUDIO TRE we are very well aware that translations can play a strategic role in the schedule of any project.

Unfortunately, this is just what has happened at one of the most famous building projects in Italy today: Genoa’s new bridge.

The document in question is a vital preliminary report required by the court-appointed inspectors to determine the condition of the motorway bridge when it collapsed: a report produced by Zurich-based Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, which was sent 16 samples to test in order to determine the extent of any corrosion. The Swiss experts finished testing at the beginning of December and sent a copy of their report to be translated into Italian. Almost 60 days later and still no trace of this translation, which will have an immediate knock-on effect and postpone the court hearing where the findings of the report were to be illustrated and, consequently, on the planning of the reconstruction as well.

Coming from professionals in the translation industry: if such a vital translation from German was not produced without even a minimum delay, now leading to serious consequences for the country as a whole, it was probably assigned to the wrong translators or translation agencies.

We all hope that similar stories never make the news again, and here at STUDIO TRE we will continue our drive so that working to schedule remains a core element in our excellent business reputation.


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