Garagem das Letras: the Literary Cafe

Welcome back to your weekly appointment with STUDIOTRE! Today we are taking a look at the world and we are going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

STUDIOTRE , always ready and willing to help with non-profit projects promoting social innovation, has participated in the creation of an innovative and supportive environment dedicated to local young people.

Right here, in the Rocinha favela, the largest by number of residents in Rio de Janeiro, is “Garagem das Letras”, a project managed by the “Il sorriso dei miei bimbi” non-profit organisation run by Barbara Olivi.

Various for-profit and non-profit organisations have made it possible to transform a garage into a bookshop-cafe, managed by young people from the local community, which has become a cultural meeting place.

Aside from being a small cafe offering natural and authentic products, the Garagem aims to open up the world of reading and learning to the entire community, thus becoming a “safe haven” cultural centre within the challenging environment of Rio de Janeiro. Inside, young people have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities, film clubs, cultural events and language courses (English, Spanish, Italian and German) and even learn the interpreting profession, so as to lay the foundations for their future.

Bringing culture to younger generations and transmitting passion for books and words is the first step to being able to help the young people and children who spend time at the centre.

STUDIOTRE participates and believes in this amazing project: only through education and knowledge can younger generations living in harsh and impoverished conditions take the first step towards a different reality and build a better future!


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