For STUDIO TRE, 2018 started like this…

Dear friends, partners and collaborators,
This newsletter is a little different from previous ones. We have decided to tell you about some exciting updates regarding the start of 2018.

As you are all aware, our adventure in the language sector started 39 years ago.
It started with a dream: to help companies and professionals ‘look beyond borders’ and stand by them as they expanded towards international markets.

Along with the passion for what we do and the experience we have gained with time, a number of investments have also played a fundamental role: team training activities, management organisation, research and development into increasingly advanced technologies to support our work.
Therefore, we are proud to share the following news with you:

  • STUDIO TRE is now a registered trade mark. “Persone di parola” (People who keep their word) is now more than a slogan, but a distinguishing feature, a synonym and guarantee of the quality of our work.
  • By April 2018, we will adopt the Organisational Model 231 based on Italian Decree 231/2001, providing us with a complete and efficient internal control and management system.
  • We are investing resources in the integration of advanced cybersecurity systems and the creation of dedicated project management software. Thanks to these tools, our customers will be able to increasingly benefit from quality, security and convenience.

Why have we wanted to share this updates with you?
Because thanks to your trust in us – which you show by entrusting us with your translation, interpreting and event organisation projects – STUDIO TRE has achieved its dream of becoming an ideal partner and supplier of quality language services.


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