Could we really live in a world without hunger? STUDIOTRE and the students of Lepido school think so!

We can beat hunger worldwide in our lifetime!

Doing your bit is easier than you might think. All it takes are a few ingredients: with vitamins, minerals, soya, dried vegetables, rice and your own two hands, you can help thousands of children to build a tangible future for themselves, safe from abuse and exploitation.

How? By putting together thousands of food ration packs to be handed out in schools in countries experiencing humanitarian crises.

STUDIOTRE has chosen to support Rise Against Hunger Italy in its fight against hunger. For the first time, it has brought the “Creating a better world” project to Reggio Emilia, drawing on the experience of teacher Michela Pigato and the students at her school in Marostica.

On Saturday 1 June, STUDIOTRE’s staff and the students from Marco Emilio Lepido State School packed 18,500 meals that will be given out in a number of schools in Zimbabwe. They also engaged in a concrete discussion about food shortages, malnutrition and lack of access to education in struggling countries.

The day was part of the school’s “Citizenship and participation” educational initiatives, which will ensure that invaluable teaching and learning continue long after everyone finished packing the meals.

Thanks to the scheme, more than 70 children in their second year of middle school were able to give a similar number of children of the same age the chance not only to eat balanced meals for a whole year but also to go to school.

Children and adults worked together and played a part in genuine change, while also gaining a better understanding of the fact that in some parts of the world, people cannot take food, water and the opportunity to go to school for granted.

The rations will be used in education schemes. Providing full, nutritional meals at school is the only way to guarantee the right to an education and better health conditions for millions of children who would otherwise have no chance of changing their lives.

If you want to know more about Rise Against Hunger Italy and its projects, visit the website.
See the joy in the eyes of the children when the meals are handed out by following their Facebook page and our STUDIOTRE fan page!


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