Are you a Senior Translation Project Manager? You might be exactly what STUDIOTRE is looking for!

For STUDIOTRE, people are what really drives a company forward: we believe that teamwork and every one of our members’ contribution is essential to work with passion and to create projects that help clients and partners to achieve their goals.

We are a team that is always looking to the future, that rises to a challenge and seizes opportunities, even when times are tough. We are therefore looking for a Senior Project Manager to join our staff in Reggio Emilia!


What skills should a translation agency Project Manager have?

A project manager must have an aptitude for problem setting and problem solving, or the ability to listen to the clients and to focus on their needs in order to guide them towards the best solution, even when unexpected events occur.

They must be good at working with others and organising so they are able to coordinate different professions – translators and interpreters, but also graphic designers, web designers and video makers – often living all over the world and with various working methods and habits.

From a technical point of view, they must understand and know how to use CAT Tools, which are essential for analysing and managing every translation project.

In fact, technology is an essential part of our everyday work: alongside working directly in source files, CAT Tools allow us to manage projects efficiently, while always meeting delivery deadlines.


How can I apply as an aspiring STUDIOTRE Project Manager?

Our partner ONE4 is helping us with the recruitment process. Click on the following link to find the full description of the professional profile we are looking for and how to applySenior Project Manager | Translation


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