Translating language, interpreting culture

In-person or remotely, we enable effective communication between different cultures.

The different interpreting techniques

To each event, its interpreter

To build business relationships with foreign customers and partners, it is important to have a cultural approach to communication. Differences in language and culture and typical non-verbal communication dynamics can have a positive or negative influence on the outcome of a meeting, whether it is in-person or remote. That is why interpreters, like translators, play a crucial role in all of those situations that require communication with stakeholders abroad.

As language consultants, we work with our team of interpreters to assist our clients in choosing the interpreting technique best suited for each type of event and situation, taking into account:

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates in real time (with a minimal time lag, referred to as décalage) from the language of the speaker into the language of the listener(s). Different methods of simultaneous interpreting are employed depending on the type of event (convention, seminar, training course, workshop):

liaison interpreting

Also called “dialogue interpreting”, it involves an interpreter translating for small groups of people in situations where the interaction between the parties is not governed by a strict speaking order (such as business negotiations or business and strategy meetings).

consecutive interpreting

Well-suited for short events (such as press conferences or presentations), consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter taking notes – using a specific technique that allows them to take down all of the information necessary to faithfully reproduce the message – and translating at regular intervals, which can range from 5 to 10 minutes.

Sign language interpreting

Technique used when people who are deaf or hard of hearing are expected to be in attendance (including conferences, negotiations, training courses, cultural events). Sign language interpreting can be provided in any language.

Each interpreter knows the sign language specific to a given community, since there is not currently one single sign language that is used and understood internationally.


This technique uses voice recognition technology to generate a transcription in real time of translated oral text, spoken by the interpreter in the target language.

Using respeaking, written texts of various kinds can be created in a very short time. These include:

in numerous situations, including conventions, conferences, seminars and training courses.

over-the-phone interpreting

Over-the-phone interpreting is consecutive interpreting carried out remotely using a telephone or other telecommunications systems (such as Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.).

What are the benefits of over-the-phone interpreting?

Thanks to conference calls and to voice or video calls made using personal computers, smartphones or tablets, we can connect with others in a matter of seconds, even when they are on the other side of the world.

Choosing over-the-phone interpreting provides a variety of logistical and financial benefits:

Cost savings

travel expenses for interpreters are cut

Quick and easy to use

the procedures for setting up an over-the-phone interpreting session are simple, quick and accessible to all

Managing location

the various stakeholders can join the call from their offices, homes, or any other place where they have access to a telephone, personal computer or smartphone.

remote interpreting

The ways in which we create and manage relationships are rapidly changing.

Events and meetings are held online with growing frequency, thanks to versatile, customisable platforms that allow us to preserve the authenticity of face-to-face interactions, overcome language barriers and take a sustainable approach, thanks in part to the use of remote interpreting.

Remote interpreting is the ideal option for:

What are the benefits of remote interpreting?

The choice of remote interpreting services brings with it a variety of logistical and financial benefits, and your information is always kept strictly confidential:

Savings on equipment, travel and operating costs

You can connect from any place where there is a basic audio/video system and a connection

A simple, user-friendly platform

You can connect from anywhere in the world, easily and instantaneously, using a personal computer or a smartphone

A stable platform that brings together all of the tools you need to work

One single software system for sharing presentations, videos and files with stakeholders.

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