Ethics, sustainability and innovation

We are a Benefit Corporation.

It is our mission to have a positive and sustainable impact with international resonance for people and the environment, because we feel a great responsibility to future generations.

Benefit Corporation

Sustainability has always been an integral part of our business model.

In addition to our Code of Ethics, which we drew up in 2008, in March 2021 we formalised our commitment to creating conditions that foster social and environmental prosperity both today and in the future, even changing our articles of association.

Our commitment to creating value for the community in which we operate and for all of the stakeholders involved in our business activities takes the form of

supporting non-profits that work both in Italy and abroad to change children’s futures through educational projects
This non-profit organisation is driven by the mission to fight hunger during our lifetimes, a mission it pursues by distributing millions of meals every year in countries where there are humanitarian crises and by organising events to raise public awareness.
The primary objective of this non-profit organisation (“My Children’s Smile”) is improving social and educational conditions for children in Rio De Janeiro’s community of Rocinha, one of Brazil’s largest favelas.
This non-profit volunteer organisation was founded with the goal of providing support for children suffering from onco-haematological diseases and improving the quality of their treatment programmes.
This association (“The Children’s House”) ensures that children forced to undergo painful and invasive treatments, surgeries or medical testing are provided with school make-up programmes and qualified assistance both while in hospital and at home.
This association works to safeguard the rights of the elderly and of people with disabilities, providing a variety of services, including help with tax filing, assistance applying for disability benefits, and medical and legal consulting.
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the importance we place on our relationships with our human resources and on their well-being, care which manifests in the form of ongoing hard and soft-skill training, flexitime options and the creation of new headquarters with both spaces more ideally suited to everyday working needs and areas dedicated to relaxation
supporting projects to give young people opportunities to further invest in professional education and training, sponsored by local institutions and by universities
A project launched by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia whose goal is to attract talent to the region from abroad, making the most of the potentialities and possibilities offered by Reggio Emilia’s economic and social systems and manufacturing infrastructure.
An academic prize sponsored by STUDIO TRE and awarded to Interpreting and Translation students, a project whose goal is to invest in young people and provide students graduating from the DIT (Department of Interpreting and Translation) with an opportunity to acquire additional technical skills.
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protecting the environment by digitising our processes, making informed use of paper, plastic and recyclable materials, and choosing service providers who use renewable energy sources

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