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Today, meet… Lisa!

“Never give up” is the motto that fits Lisa Carri best, because she is a very active and, most of all, determined person. She joined

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Today, meet… Ilaria!

With her lifelong passion for Chinese language and culture, after having studied in Forlì and Treviso, Ilaria Zucchini came to Reggio Emilia in July 2019,

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Today meet…Giulia Pagano!

Leave your comfort zone to fully express your potential: this is the philosophy that guides Giulia Pagano in her professional life and elsewhere. After spending

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Today, meet… Maura!

Maura Bottazzi’s adventures in the world of translations and interpreting began in 1979, when she founded STUDIOTRE with two partners. She’s now the Managing Shareholder

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Today, meet… Chiara!

Her favourite book is “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley because “it is the story of an inhuman creature that actually describes some very human ideas”. Chiara

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Giulia Scaglioni, interpreter and project manager

Today meet…Giulia Scaglioni

“Creating a bridge not only between languages, but also between different cultures and mentalities, by leaving (and getting others to leave) one’s comfort zone”: that’s

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Italian Sign Language

Today, STUDIOTRE would like to discuss a type of interpreter that is very important for Italian society: interpreters of LIS (Italian Sign Language), which is

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“To be assertive and act out of emotional intelligence means to know your feelings and to be able to communicate them in a way that allows you to maintain your integrity without threatening the integrity of others.” JON KABAT-ZINN  

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Make way for Italianisms

The Italian language continues to be embellished with foreignisms, but also find a few Italianisms used abroad in the fields of, for example, gastronomy (pizza,

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Today, meet… Elena

A small library with a comfortable armchair, a fireplace and lots of time to lose oneself in reading: this is the dream of Elena Cassinadri,

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Today, meet…Bérénice!

Her professional career and passion for travelling brought her to Italy, via Ireland, Canada and Portugal: in January 2017, Bérénice joined the STUDIO TRE team

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Today, meet… Lea!

Empathy has always been the secret to her professional approach: Lea has taken care of the day to day contact with our customers since 1984,

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