Today, meet… Alessandra!

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Always be like the sea crashing against the rocks, it always finds the strength to try again”… and it has been her love for the sea, in particular the one around Sapri, her hometown, which has always accompanied her on all her travels.

Alessandra Sorrentino came to Reggio Emilia 13 years ago and met STUDIOTRE for the first time in 2017: she then began working with the team by handling its newsletter and social media accounts.

She has been a permanent part of the STUDIOTRE staff since April 2019, working as the Marketing & Communication Manager. Her daily challenge is “to talk about the fascinating world of translation and interpretation, giving as much space as possible to people because they are the ones who make the difference at all companies”.

She has loved dancing ever since she was young and is obsessed with her cats. Alessandra is a diehard fan of Grey’s Anatomy and Kay Scarpetta, the famous forensic pathologist and star of Patricia Cornwell’s novels.

Contact Alessandra at [email protected]

03 Apr, 20